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F. Antoni, S. Lecler, G. Chabrol, T. Engel, M. Flury, P. Gérard, P. Pfeiffer, P. Twardowski.

Nozzle for the CLAD (Direct additive laser construction) process with IREPA Laser

Strasbourg is known for its activities in the field of high power laser applications, especially with the platform IREPA Laser. A important part of the IPP team's research activities is related to control and processes involving high power lasers. This research is conducted in collaboration and expects to go from the study of new physical phenomena to their valorization in industry.

Our scientific development axis concern:

  • processing at sub-micron scale by ultra-fast laser and photonic jet (surface functionalisation by µ-texturing, laser welding)
  • additive manufacturing (modelling, control by IA, embedded optical fiber)
  • pulsed laser deposition (conductive transparent carbon layer deposition)

Our key assets are:

  • our ability to model the multi-physic interaction of light with matter
  • the design of innovative optical components
  • the characterization of processes by in situ measurements


  • Idex (Carbon)
  • SATT Concetus maturation projects (Widefield, Swap, Laserjet, MicrocurveD)
  • ANR (Glass-Welding)
  • ANRT

The process known as CLAD (Direct additive laser construction) was developed by Irepa laser with the collaboration of the IPP team and is currently sold by the BEAM company. The process, whose industrial development was carried out by Irepa laser, consists of manufacturing or repairing metallic parts of high quality without size and weight limitations. The machine aims to become an indispensable tool of the future "FabLab". video