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Laser micro-texturing

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By laser microstructuration, we mean:

the use of a laser in order to directly modify the surface or the bulk of a material.
Several types of laser can be used for these highly valuable applications.

Our work focuses on:

  • micro-structuration by femtosecond laser
  • surface fonctionnalization by laser micro-texturation (wettability, self-cleaning, biocompatibility). Super-hydrophobic functionalization on a medical device that can be implanted:


  • 3D metallic additive construction.

We have recently obtained:

  • color effect on different materials by the creation of RIPPLES
  • creation of hydrophobic and hydrodrophilic surface on stainless steel and PDMS
  • complex 3D geometric shapes printing by direct additive laser construction (BeAM society: the CLAD direct additive laser construction video)