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Our PhD topics concern unconventional imaging, biomedical optics and advanced laser processing:

Open PhD positions in 2024

  • Label-free Raman microscopy for early tumor detection

Contact : Hamideh Salehi [mail[1]]

Subject Description

  • White Light Interferometric Nanoscopy for Real-Time Measurements in Controlled Athmosphere

Contact : Manuel Flury [mail[2]]

Subject Description

  • Selected laser sintering for lunar dust simulants

Contact : Grégoire Chabrol [mail[3]]

Subject Description

  • CIFRE: Experimental study and instrumentation of high power femtoseconde laser processes at high repetition rate

(Etude expérimentale et instrumentation de procédés laser femtoseconde de forte puissance à haute cadence)

Contact : Sylvain Lecler [mail[4]], Jean-Michel Romano [mail[5]] CIFRE with the company IREPA LASER

Subject Description

look on http://ed.math-spi.unistra.fr/candidature/financements/contrat-doctoral-de-recherche/