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  • Journée internationale de la lumière / International Day of light: 16th May 2024

ICube, dans le cadre d'une action de l'Institut Photonique propose pour les lycéens des visites de labos et d'entreprises dans le domaine de la photonique les 14, 15, 16 et 17 mai. Programmeci-dessous: Si vous êtes intéressés, contactez : mremouche@unistra.fr [1]


  • Une solution inédite pour de nouvelles fibres optiques beaucoup plus performantes

Video in French describing how our developed microlenses can be used to easly improve optical fiber system performances : [2]

  • Photonics Europe 2024 in Strasbourg

from 7 to 11th April. Registration.

Our team is involved:

- Paul Montgomery is local Chair. More than 2000 attendees expected and a large industrial exhibition to be.

- Sylvain Lecler co-chair of Lasers and Photonics for Advanced Manufacturing

- Manuel Flury co-chair of 3D Printed Optics and Additive Photonic Manufacturing

- Mustapha Remouche, in charge of the Photonics Innovation Village and of the relation with Grand Est companies


  • Transfert to Le Verre Fluoré of our technology to manufacture microlens directly on the core of advance optical fiber

What the press have to say about us: L'Usine Nouvelle

Les échos

Le journal des entreprises

POC media

La gazette du laboratoire

Video Unistra

Microlens on an optical fiber core

  • Congratulation to Renzo Meyer for his best poster award at the French Photonics Days. His poster deals with his PhD work on carbon transparent electrodes.
  • The 5th French Photonics Day : Photonic processes for industry and healthcare was in Strasbourg the 17-18th October 2023. It has been a success with two half days to discover the regional actors in photonics. Program and bilan. Organized by Photonics France, SupOptique Alumni with our team (ICube lab, University of Strasbourg, INSA Strasbourg) with Eurométropole of Strasbourg, Grand E-nov + and IREPA LASER.


  • La photonique en région Grand Est/ Photonics in Grand Est Region by Marc Sciamanna and Sylvain Lecler in the Journal Photonique 121, 2023.

Lien vers l'article (en français) Original version here.

  • The « 2023 SPIE Président’s Award » for Professor Patrick Meyrueis at Photonics West San Francisco. Congratulation !

Patrick Meyrueis

  • We have some sad news to communicate: the passing of our fellow Member, Professor Michel Grosmann.

Former director of the spectrocopy lab of Strasbourg, and then of the GREPA. He has initiated the photonic research activities in Strasbourg in the seventies. Specialist of holography, he was also at the origin of the first high power laser in the Grand Est Region. Michel, we will miss your fantasy. Photo from his family


of the art-science "Arborescence" event by Paul Montgomery at the Musée d'Histoire Naturelle et d'Ethnographie in Colmar Monday 7th November

  • Front cover of Applied Physics

for the paper "single-shot off-axis full-field optical coherence tomography" from our colleague of biomedical optics. Congratulation to Emmanuel and Amir.


  • The start-up Optiive, coming for research works from our team receives an i-Lab funding.

Eric Halter is the CEO. The company develops components for Augmented Reality system on a technology coming from our team. Congratulation. Link

  • SPIE Photonics Innovation Village Award for T. HaJJ (second runner-up)

for the patented fabrication method of optical fiber micro-lenses having high curvature. Award in the context of the conference Photonics Europe. This patent is the result pf PHC Tasili collaboration project with University of Setif 1.

Contact : sylvain.lecler@insa-strasbourg.fr

  • Photonics Europe 2022

in Strasbourg from 3 to 7th April. Registration. Paul Montgomery is local Chair. Industrial exhibition. The team participates to the organisation of Light Work/s - Art-Science Photonics Exhibition and to several conferences.


  • Creation of Optiive spin-off of the team.
  • Best presentation award to Agathe Marmin in session Biomaterial – Imaging – Robotics at the FMTS 2021 for her presenation on passive and quantitative elastography without contact : toward in-vivo imaging.
  • Two IPP PhD students among the 10 finalists of Ma thèse en 180 secondes 2021 in Alsace
  • New release of the popular science book "Voir l'Invisible II" (2021) to which several members of the IPP team have contributed, to discover a whole range of the excellent research carried out in France that makes visible what is normally invisible (foreword by Jean-Marie Lehn). Lien :Lien


  • Award of the MSII doctoral school to Silvere Segaud for his poster concerning multispectral real-time quantitative optical imaging for surgery guidance. September 2020
  • The photonic Summer School KSOP-QMAT has take place the 3rd and 4th September 2020.
  • Award Espoir de l’Université de Strasbourg to Michalina Gora (IPP/AVR): Congratulation ! (2020)
  • Adventures in optical metrology, presentation of Peter de GROOT, Executive Director of R&D at Zygo Corporation, at 15h the 24th June 2020.
  • SPIE Photonics Europe which should take place in Strasbourg has been transformed in a Digital Forum from 6 to 12 April 2020. Link: [[3]]. Local Chair: Paul Montgomery
  • Team Meeting and PhD seminars 30th January 2020.
  • Front cover of the PSS-A 2019 Journal related to our works in super-resolution microsphere-assisted microscopy. Link: [[4]]

2019 (?)

  • Pr. Claude Boccara (ESPCI, Institut Langevin, Paris) will give a presentation Thursday June 20th 2019 at 2:00 PM in the meeting room of the IPB. Title: Full Field Tomographic Microscopy: Metabolic Imaging from organs to cells
  • First preclinical tests on pig of the robotized OCT probe (ATIP-Avenir project of Michalina GORA)
  • Conference of Arash Darafsheh of the Washington University School of Medicine in Saint-Louis (US). Title: Microsphere-assisted super-resolution microscopy, Januaray 25th at 15h, in Illkirch, room B141


  • IPP PhD day 27th November 2018 2h-5h30 PM room A301.
  • Doctoral photonic day ICube-KIT Thursday 21th November 2018 in Strasbourg (KIT, ICube-MaCEPV, ICube-IPP).
  • Conference of Professor Michel Meunier of Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal. Title: "Nanoparticules plasmoniques pour la nanochirurgie par laser femtoseconde et le diagnostic en nanomédecine"19 June 2018 at 3PM in A302 (Illkirch).
  • Conference of Professor Antonio Pifferi of physics department of Politecnico di Milano. Title: "Time-Domain Diffuse Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy", 19 June 2018 at 10AM in IPB.
  • In the context of Photonics Europe 2018, Monday 23th April 9:00 to 9:25, in Salon Schweitzer (Level 1) Congres Palais of Strasbourg: « SPIE WELCOME AND AWARD PRESENTATION » with the welcome introduction by Paul Montgomery and recognition to Patrick Meyrueis, Professor in Photonique during around 40 years in the University of Strasbourg and initiator of the conference in 2004.


  • Visit of a delegation of the Sentinelle Nord network - Laval Canada. Collaboration discussion. 19/12/2017.
  • The INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL LASER PROCESSING (JNPLI) will take place in Strasbourg, 13-14 September (2017). ICube is partenar of the event. Link: [[5]]
  • Conference Looking for a needle in a haystack organised by Oscar Caravaca, IdEx PhD, dealing with materials and microsystems for medicale imaging. Speakers: Paul Montgomery and Stéphane Perrin (from the team). 24 April 2017, CDE, Strasbourg.


  • ERC QuantSURG of Prof. S.Gioux: Quantitaive surgery for surgery guidance
  • Visit of a delegation of the trade ministry of Indonesia. Collaboration discussion. December 22th 2016.
  • PhD defense of Audrey LEONG-LOI: "Study of lateral super-resolution techniques in nanoscopy and development of a nano3D interferometric system". December 2nd 2016 - 14h00 - Illkirch - Pôle API - amphi A301.
  • Prof. Gary Tearney, director of the Tearney Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, will give a talk on Friday, 16th of September at 14:00-15:00 in the conference room in the new IHU building. Title: Microimaging: Seeing the unseen in living patients.
  • Michalina Gora a received a Grant: ATIP-Avenir Program for Young Group Leaders. Title: Diagnostique et traitement du cancer colorectal par l'OCT embarquée dans un endoscope robotisé
  • Todor Petrov has given a seminar. Title: filling without drilling - Advances of Lasers in Dental Applications. He is Research fellow at the Laboratory of Metal Vapor Lasers (LMVL), Institut of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Illkirch - pôle API - A30 - 16th June 2016 at 10h00.
  • Emilia PECHEVA, from the ISSP Laboratory of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia, Bulgaria) has given a seminar. Title: Study of biocompatible and biological materials: can they be stimulated by external factors?, Wednesday 15th June at 10h (seminar room IPP, Illkirch).
  • Bruce J. Tromberg has given a MSII-ICube seminar on Biophotonics and The Future of Personal Health Care the 13th June Illkirch - pôle API - A207 at 14h. He is Director of the Beckman Laser Institute (BLI) and Medical Clinic at the University of California, Irvine and principal investigator of the Laser Microbeam and Medical Program (LAMMP), an NIH National Biomedical Technology Research Center.
  • The symposium Light interaction with nanomaterials that we organize in the context of EMRS Lille 2016 was from 4 to 6 May. It has been a succes. Organisators: S. Lecler (ICube-IPP), D. Mitev (academy of Bulgarian Sciences) and R. Quidant (ICFO, espagne).
  • The Group has received the first price of the Photonics Innovation Village at Photonics Europe (Brussels) for the photonic jet station, demonstrator of the photonic jet etching process developed with IREPA Laser to etch directly at the micron scale [0,5-10 µm] polymers, metals and glasses.
  • S. Gioux, professor at IPP, in USA at Boca Raton (FL) for two invited papers at « 3rd International Congress of Fluorescent Guided Imaging Surgery », Boston (MA) as invited speaker to « Surgical Horizons Seminar » of BIDMC at Harvard Medical School, and at San Francisco (CA) as chair of the « Molecular-Guided Surgery Conference » in SPIE Photonics West.
  • The LaserJet station at be selected to be presented at the Photonics Innovation Village of Photonics Europe in Bruxelles (4-8 April 2016). This station of laser micro-etching using photonic jet has been developped with IREPA Laser and the support of the SATT-Conectus Alsace.
  • PhD Defense of Duo Yi 28th January 10H00 at Sévenans room P228. "Intégration de capteurs à fibre optique par projection thermique pour des applications de contrôle de structures intelligentes".
  • Ivan KASSAMAKOV from the ETLA Laboratory (Helsinki, Finland) has given a seminar on Scanning White Light Interferometry Monday 25th Jan, seminar room IPP at 16h.

2015 and before

  • PhD defense of Abbas ALBARAZANCHI: "Multispectral digital diffractive element for smart sunlight concentration for third generation photovoltaic devices", 21th September 2015 2PM at Illkirch - Pôle API - room A207.
  • PhD defense of Andri Abdurrochman : "Photonic jet optimization for spatial resolution improvement in direct pulse laser micro-etching", the 15th September 2015 2PM, room A301 pôle API at Illkirch.
  • ICube highlight: in the context of the "year of Light" from UNESCO, IPP has organised the 19th June an half-day « ICube highlight », to present the transversal place of light in the lab. With more than 70 people, the event has been a real success. Thanks for the team contributions: IPP, TRIO, SMH, IGG, MaCEPV, AVR and for Yvon Renotte, invited speaker from the University of Liège, for his talk concerning "the concept of color".
  • Pierre PFEIFFER has received the Knight of the Order of Academic Palm. May 21th 2015.
  • Visit of the Indonesian ambassador and the teaching Attaché (from Paris) at Strasbourg the 27-28th April 2015 to discuss exchanges and collaborations.
  • Presentation of Sylvain Gioux, 21th April 2015, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.
  • Presentation of Nicolas Javahiraly, 20th April 2015.
  • Presentation of Sylvain Lecler, 17th April 2015. Title: Physical optics, application to health care system.
  • Patent concerning laser micro-etching using photonic jet; Project LaserJet. March 2015.
  • Giang-Nam Nguyen receives the price for the best PhD work of the Telecom Fondation for his PhD defended in December 2014: « Modelling, design and fabrication of micro-optical elements based on diffractive nanostructures operating beyond the paraxial scalar diffraction regime ». Work with Télécom Bretagne, co-supervised by Philippe Gérard ICube-IPP. Link
  • Presentation of Dr Jorge Garcia-Marquez d'Oledcomm SAS at Vélizy-Villacoublay 17th February 2015. Title: Spatial Light Modulator in life imaging.
  • HDR (Habilitation to supervise research) defense of Sylvain GIOUX. Title: Quantitative Optical Imaging for Medical guidance during surgery. Supervisor: E. Fogarassy.
  • Presentation of Dr Dimitar Mitev of the Institute of Solid State Physics - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 21th November 2014 at 11h, IPP seminar room - Illkirch.Title: Nanodiamond – from synthesis to applications.
  • IPP with Irepa Laser at the science festival from 17 to 19 October at Palais universitaire of Strasbourg.
  • Visit of professors Tumbelaka and Taufik of Padjadjaran University Bandung Indonesia 2-12 October 2014
  • Presentation of André de Lustrac, director of IEF Paris, Friday 19th September at 3PM, room 25, bulding 40, CNRS at Cronenbourg

Metamaterials and Metasurfaces: Physics and Applications.

  • Mai 2013: ICube laboratory inauguration
  • New company: BeAM
Web site of the company ici
Main product: The CLAD Construction Laser Additive Direct viédo