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M. Diana, A. Nahas, V. Maioli, S. Gioux, M. Gora, M. Torregrossa, S. Lecler, P. Montgomery

With a part of our lab. inside the Strasbourg Civil Hospital, we develop quantitative imaging systems for bio-medical applications. Our research activities concern the understanding of light interaction with biological tissues up to the clinical translation, from the cell scale to the organ.

Scientific axis:

  • Light sheet microscopy with oblic illumination for 3D imaging
  • Full Field OCT and digital holography for elastography and cancer detection
  • Multi- and hyper-sepctral imaging for surgery guidance


  • Europe: ERC QuantSURG, ITN ATLAS and CAST
  • ANR LiverSurg and EndoSenses
  • Idex

Recent publication:

* 2022 :

  • Seromenho, E. M., Marmin, A., Facca, S., Bahlouli, N., Perrin, S., & Nahas, A. (2022). Single-shot off-axis full-field optical coherence tomography. Applied Physics Letters, 121(11), 113702.
  • Liao, G., Caravaca-Mora, O., Rosa, B., Zanne, P., Dall’Alba, D., Fiorini, P., ... & Gora, M. J. (2022). Distortion and instability compensation with deep learning for rotational scanning endoscopic optical coherence tomography. Medical Image Analysis, 77, 102355.
  • Dong, J., Grant, C., Vuong, B., Nishioka, N., Gao, A. H., Beatty, M., ... & Tearney, G. J. (2022). Feasibility and safety of tethered capsule endomicroscopy in patients with Barrett’s esophagus in a multi-center study. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 20(4), 756-765.
  • Mieog, J. S. D., Achterberg, F. B., Zlitni, A., Hutteman, M., Burggraaf, J., Swijnenburg, R. J., ... & Vahrmeijer, A. L. (2022). Fundamentals and developments in fluorescence-guided cancer surgery. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, 19(1), 9-22.

* 2021 :

  • Zulina, N., Caravaca, O., Liao, G., Gravelyn, S., Schmitt, M., Badu, K., ... & Gora, M. J. (2021). Colon phantoms with cancer lesions for endoscopic characterization with optical coherence tomography. Biomedical optics express, 12(2), 955-968.
  • Felli, E., Al-Taher, M., Collins, T., Nkusi, R., Felli, E., Baiocchini, A., ... & Diana, M. (2021). Automatic liver viability scoring with deep learning and hyperspectral imaging. Diagnostics, 11(9), 1527.
  • Marmin, A., Laloy-Borgna, G., Facca, S., Gioux, S., Catheline, S., & Nahas, A. (2021). Time-of-flight and noise-correlation-inspired algorithms for full-field shear-wave elastography using digital holography. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 26(8), 086006.
  • Meijer, R., van Manen, L., Hartgrink, H. H., Burggraaf, J., Gioux, S., Vahrmeijer, A. L., & Mieog, J. S. D. (2021). Quantitative dynamic near-infrared fluorescence imaging using indocyanine green for analysis of bowel perfusion after mesenteric resection. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 26(6), 060501.
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  • Cinelli, L., Felli, E., Baratelli, L., Ségaud, S., Baiocchini, A., Okamoto, N., ... & Diana, M. (2021). Single snapshot imaging of optical properties (SSOP) for perfusion assessment during gastric conduit creation for esophagectomy: An experimental study on pigs. Cancers, 13(23), 6079.