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Photonics Modeling and Simulation

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P. Gérard, M. Flury, S. Lecler, P. Twardowski

These tools are now considered as CAD facilities.

The trend towards microscopic and nanoscopic scales requires simulation tools based on wave optics.

Our research work uses simulation software ranging from ray tracing : Code V, LightTools, Zemax OpticStudio14.2

to software based on rigorous vectorial methods such as:

  • FDTD: Finite Difference Time Domain,
  • FEM: Finite Element Methods,
  • RSM: Radiation Spectrum Method,
  • FMM: Fourier Modal Method,
  • MIE: generalized Mie theory.

Particular effort is focused on the interaction between an optical beam and subwavelength structures. To do this, we develop dedicated simulation tools. The components studied are used in measurement systems for medical applications or for use in the control of photonics processes.