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Department leader

Personal information

Position : Senior Research Scientist



  • Office : 21, Bât28
  • Adress : ICube laboratory, Unistra-CNRS UMR 7357, 23 Rue du Loess, F-67037 Strasbourg, France.
  • Téléphone : +33 3 88 10 62 31


  • Office : B129
  • Adress : ICube laboratory, Télécom Physique Strasbourg, Pôle API - 300, boulevard Sébastien Brant - CS 10413, F-67412 ILLKIRCH Cedex
  • Phone : +33 3 68 85 46 24

Mail : paul.montgomery@icube.unistra.fr

Research themes

My main research themes consist of:

  • Photonic instrumentation for optical metrology.
  • Interference microscopy for the characterization of materials, 4D microscopy and high resolution tomography of transparent and diffuse layers.
  • Optical far field nanoscopy for the characterization of nanostructures.

Main research projects

  • Optical metrology: techniques and instrumentation for enriching the information available from materials by high resolution 3D optical microscopy (comparative measurements, multidimensional algorithms for fringe and measurement processing and …).
  • 4D microscopy (3D + t): instrumentation for real time structural measurement using high speed cameras and FPGA image processing.
  • High resolution tomography: high resolution white light interferometry (immersion Linnik) for characterizing internal structure of transparent and diffusing layers (polymers, biomaterials, collöds, DOE’s…).
  • 3D optical nanoscopy: new concepts for characterizing nanostructures using unmarked far field optical nanoscopy.

The aims of my research work are to develop new techniques in optical microscopy and nanoscopy in order to improve the 3D measurement time 3D (<1 s per 3D image) and the lateral resolution (<200 nm) and to enrich the amount of information available (nanostructures, optical and physical properties…). The method used consists of white light interferometry because of its very high axial sensitivity (<1 nm), its non-invasive character, the large quantity of data available and this without having to use labelling with the sample (such as the use of fluorophores or nanoparticles).


Years Qualifications and positions
2015-present Senior Research Scientist CNRS, ICube Laboratory (UMR 7357), Strasbourg, France.
1997-2015 Research Scientist CNRS, Laboratories: ICube (UMR 7357), InESS (UMR 7357) & PHASE (UPR 292), Strasbourg, France.
1991-1996 Research Scientist CNRS, CEM2 Laboratory (UMR 5507), Montpellier, France.
1987-1990 Post-doctoral researcher (Royal Society UK, contractuel), CEM2 Laboratory (UMR 5507), Montpellier, France.
1995 HDR, CEM2 (UMR 5507), Université Montpellier II, Montpellier, France.
1987 Ph.D. Loughborough University of Technology (LUT), Loughborough, UK, "Forward looking innovations in electronic speckle pattern interferometry”.
1983 M.Sc. (équivalent Masters) en métrologie optique, LUT, Loughborough, UK.
1981 B.Sc. with honours (Licence) en physique appliquée (note : 2.1) LUT, Loughborough, UK.

I am presently a Senior Research Scientist working for the CNRS and head of the IPP team (Photonics Instrumentation and Processes) at the ICube Laboratory, Strasbourg, France. My basic training is in applied physics, but with a specialization in photonic instrumentation for optical metrology. I have since specialized in high resolution optical microscopy and interferometry for the characterization of materials. Although I work mainly in engineering science, I am a physicist at heart and also an amateur philosopher of science. I am very interested in defending a sound philosophical basis for science as well as in training young researchers.


2010-today optical microscopy: from imaging to physics at the nanometer scale, professional training at the CMOI/SFO conference (France, every 2 years).
2006-2007 optical metrology, 3rd year engineers (Masters, photonics option), Télécom Physique Strasbourg, Illkirch (France, 3h/yr).
2000-today scientific communication and research culture, transversal training doctoral students, ED-MSII, Strasbourg University, Strasbourg (France, 22h/yr).
2008-today teaching in English, transversal training doctoral students, European Doctoral College, Strasbourg University, Strasbourg (France, 18h/yr).
1983-today optical metrology, microscopy and the characterization of materials, scientific invited seminars (international, >30).


  • Interference microscopy
  • Far field optical nanoscopy
  • Interferometry, optical metrology
  • Photonics instrumentation
  • Characterization of materials by optical microscopy.
  • LabView.
  • Amateur philosopher of science